The decision has been made to cancel the annual cioppino feed luncheon. Below is a letter from Rob expressing his thanks for all the years of support.

Thank you!

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"The mission of the Chico Cioppino Feed is to annually raise significant funds for causes that are responsible and positively effective in their mission and our community."

Committee Members

Billie Araiza

Rashell Brobst

Jessica Booth

Kathy Chance

Lesley Christopher

Michelle Curran

Julie Ellen

Amanda Fletcher

Chis Holen

Tami Kofford

David Maffei

Renee McAmis

Nancy Mendonca

Renee Michel

Donica O'Laughlin

Kari Ramay

Rob Ramay, Chair

Rory Rottschalk

Randy Schiff

Andrea Stile

Louis Venturini

Tera M. Willadsen